DM’s house



Starting place(s):


Main place(s):

Ravencrest, The Grolett Jungle

Ending place(s):

The Grolett Jungle (in the wall of the creepy building)

Special NPC(‘s):



A fight against 2 Axe Beaks on an island in the middle of the river.
A fight against 2 Constrictor Snakes and 3 Poisonous Snakes between the trees whilst collecting berries.

Special events:

After collecting some berries, for which the adventuring party would gain 25 gold pieces a basket, they returned to the camp in a weird mist. A creepy sound (a giant creature?) scaring the party away, forced to spend the night hidden in an outcove, which turned out to be the wall of the creepy mansion they past the day before.

Other events:

Hawke chopped down a random tree, trying to sell it to the nearest furniture store in Ravencrest.

Efferillis was pushed into a fountain by a bunch of children in Ravencrest whilst trying to see what was laying at the bottom of the water