Bruenbeer is a dwarf with an amazing mustache. During the first session he took the adventuring party with him and a dozen other people on a quest to collect Indigo Nettleberries in The Grolett Jungle in trade for some coin. During the travel to the base camp for collecting berries, the group past the fortress in the jungle. He promised the adventuring party he would tell about it when they arrive at the base camp. Once arrived at the camp, he said he would tell it the next day, because it might be dangerous. The only thing he told was the fact someone died in the fortress.

The next morning everyone left to collect the Indigo Nettleberries. When the adventuring party returned to his camp at the end of the day, Bruenbeer was gone. They kept hearing a creepy ambient sound and ran through the mysterious mist. The adventuring party suspects he can be found in the fortress deep in the jungle, dead or alive.


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