DM’s house



Starting place(s):

  • Theodon’s Mansion

Main place(s):

  • Theodon’s Mansion

Ending place(s):

  • Theodon’s Mansion

Special NPC(‘s):


Special event(s):

  • Whilst the adventuring party was exploring Theodon’s Mansion, they found skeletons with a marking on their skull in the beds and the same marking carved deep into the desk at the top of the tower. (See media.)
  • Whilst the adventuring party was exploring Theodon’s Mansion, Efferillis tried to snatch Theodon’s Book, causing him to teleport to an alternate dimension, soon followed by Sybell. In this dimension they heard a writing sound that was ever present. In the middle of a room at the end of a small cave-like hallway they encountered a pentagon shape on the ground with a man standing in the middle that moved rapidly. The pentagon seemed to go up like an invisible force field. On every corner there was a weird sword. In the corners of the room were 4 statues. Efferillis and Sybell removed the swords causing the person in the middle of the pentagon to start moving at the same pace. Out of game this is when the DM surprised the person playing Efferillis and the person playing Hawke with a new player character, Theodon. The person playing Theodon entered the house at this moment. Back into game the statues ‘melted’ into four skeletons initiating a fight. After the fight the dimension the party was in started to destabilise, causing them to go for a run back into Theodon’s Mansion. Theodon was here too, but looked different. He was some sort of spirit without legs floating through walls.

Other event(s):

  • Hawke snatched 1d10 (7) pans from the dining room in Theodon’s Mansion.
  • Hawke moved Theodon’s chair downstairs just to sit on, but downstairs.
  • Theodon was planning to give criticism on the housekeeper, because of the current state of the house. What the still confused man doesn’t realise is the fact he has been gone for about 250 years.
  • Theodon told Efferillis, Hawke and Sybell the last thing he remembers was tracking down someone or something bad called The Shadow of the West and a group of 9 people.